Meet Yousif

Mirza is setting new records for the Middle East cycling and he's assuming an important role: he inspires a new generation of cyclists in the UAE.

Everything began when Yousif was 11 and he wanted to cycle as his brother Badr, 4 years older than him, was doing.

His cycling idol is Contador and he has a friendship with Cavendish, who often trains in the UAE.

As all the cyclists, he's a strict relationship with efforts and suffering pedaling on a saddle, however when he's not racing he enjoys amusements, in particular he loves shopping, he loves cars and, of course, he loves to spend time with his son.


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Asian championship
UAE championship
UAE championship (TT)


UAE championship (TT)
GCC championship (TT)

3nd Track race, ِAshgabat 2017


AE championship
UAE championship (TT)
Stage Tour de Tunisie: Hammamet


UAE championship

2nd Road race, Asian Road Championships


UAE championship
UAE championship (TT)
2 Stages Tour of Al Zubarah: Madinat ash Shamal, Al Zubarah


UAE championship
Stage Sharjah International Cycling Tour: Sharjah
2 Stages Tour of Al Zubarah: Al Zubarah, Madinat ash Shamal
Class. generale/General class. Tour of Al Zubarah


UAE championship
Stage Banyuwangi Tour de Ijen: Banyuwangi


UAE championship (TT)


UAE championship